Lots of fresh faces this year with lots of untapped potential. Training with these players has been enjoyable for the coaches as we have seen significant advances in their ability quickly due to some of the completely raw new members to our squad. Joy to work with!

Devon 13 – 7 Dorset

Dorset 11 – 9 Avon                          Big thanks to Richard Owen for his hard work!

Dorset 0 – 20 Berkshire

2nd out of 3 teams in South West League & 15th out of 21 teams in Shires League.

The Players representing this team include Christopher Jennings, Ronnie Burden, Ryan Murphy, Harvey Palfreeman-Kay, Alex Hamlin, Edward Gennery, Luca Vine, James Watts, Mia Owen, Mikaela Watts &Amelia Davey.