Likely to be our most improved squad in terms of ability this season. Lots of players who have benefited from previous years now looking more comfortable in training/match environments. Match results may not replicate as the teams we faced this year were very strong and some matches were not played but good progress made.

Avon 21 – 15 Dorset (10-10 Shires)           Dorset 0 – 20 Hampshire (Shires)

Devon 30 – 6 Dorset (18-2 Shires)             Dorset 2 – 18 Berkshire (Shires)

4th out of 4 teams in South West League & 27th out of 32 teams in Shires League

Players who represented the team include Dan Fullbrook, Jack Moore, Didi Sun, Veeresh Ramireddy, Liam Foote, Louis Westlake, Sam Green, Ruby Trowbridge, Amber Hill, Grace Williams, Amelia Clark, Amelia Davey.