For the first time, We have entered a 4th team into the ICC. This has given us the chance to introduce good club players and aspiring juniors into the world of senior county badminton to help motivate them and make that jump. Tom has decided to use this opportunity to rotate the team as much as possible to provide opportunities. This has been very well received and with the team picking up some wins, optimism is high for the future.

The team is made up of the following players:

  • Tom Flechon
  • Matt Stones
  • Adam Hill
  • Jaak Usna
  • Adam Stewart
  • Richard Green
  • David Tuttlebee
  • Mark Lovell
  • Edward Bieda
  • Lesley Lockie
  • Yvonne Mills
  • Rhiannon Lockie
  • Daisey Parsons
  • Asako Yama

The teams results and league table can be found by clicking here: