Minutes of the Dorset Badminton Annual General Meeting held at the Marsham Court Hotel, Bournemouth on Wednesday 5th June 2019 at 7.15pm

Present Brian Randall (Chairman), Roy Carder (Secretary, Brian Lockie (Treasurer) Carole Donnelly, Ali Donnelly, Russell Clarke, Sarah Ellis, Richard Owen, Justine Young, Andy Williams, James Palfreyman-Kay, Alison Riddle, Tom Ashford.

1. Apologies
Tom Dudley, Mike Howcroft,

2. Minutes of the last meeting
Approved and signed.

3. Secretary’s report
Roy outlined some of the difficulties with LeAF, but hoped that a meeting scheduled for the 11th June would resolve most if not all our problems with them. He thanked our sponsors, Yonex, CCN and Tappers.

4. Treasurer’s report
Brian outlined the finances and stated that we had not achieved targets and had overspent on primarily junior training and our BISI scheme. We had not reached our target numbers for junior training and had lost around £4K in the year. A new drive taking place now would be required to redress the balance for next season. The statement of profit and loss was adopted, but Alison Riddle resigned as Auditor.

5.a) Junior Report
Tom outlined the past year and his report is attached. In 2019/2020,
he said that his target figure for juniors needs to be at least 100.

5.b) Junior match reports

U12 Team/Squad
Lots of fresh faces this year with lots of untapped potential. Training with these players has been enjoyable for the coaches as we have seen significant advances in their ability quickly due to some of the completely raw new members to our squad. Joy to work with!

Devon 13 – 7 Dorset
Dorset 11 – 9 Avon Big thanks to Richard Owen for his hard work!
Dorset 0 – 20 Berkshire

2nd out of 3 teams in South West League & 15th out of 21 teams in Shires League.

U14 Team/Squad
Likely to be our most improved squad in terms of ability this season. Lots of players who have benefited from previous years now looking more comfortable in training/match environments. Match results may not replicate as the teams we faced this year were very strong and some matches were not played but good progress made.

Avon 21 – 15 Dorset (10-10 Shires) Dorset 0 – 20 Hampshire (Shires)
Devon 30 – 6 Dorset (18-2 Shires) Dorset 2 – 18 Berkshire (Shires)

4th out of 4 teams in South West League & 27th out of 32 teams in Shires League

U16 Team/Squad
Have had some quality training sessions with these players looking at advanced technical and tactical practices. Some players really excelling and learning new skills which has improved their match performance. Have had a strong group of players in this age group regularly entering tournaments which has improved confidence and mental strength.

Avon 32 – 4 Dorset Dorset 10 – 10 Surrey (Shires)
Devon 25 – 11 Dorset Dorset 36 – 0 Cornwall

3rd out of 4 teams in South West League & 28th out of 36 teams in Shires League.

Well done Ali Donnelly on her first season in charge of this age group.

U18 Team/Squad
Have had some quality and challenging sessions in this age group with mixture of ability’s but very hardworking players. Impressed with the desire and motivation of some players to really improve and challenge themselves. A few players also making the jump to represent the seniors this season which has been great!

Dorset 32 – 4 Avon B Gloucester 5 – 31 Dorset Avon A 30 – 6 Dorset
Devon 27 – 9 Dorset Dorset 12 – 24 Wiltshire Dorset 20 – 16 Somerset

4th out of 8 teams in South West League & 34th out of 38 teams in Shires League.

5.c) Senior match report

Firstly, would like to thank Tom Dudley for his expertise in managing the senior squad for the last few years! Have given players a lift over the years and have managed some memorable moments and several promotions.

Senior training has had its ups and downs this year with no regular attendance from team and squad players.

1st Team
It has been a real struggle this year after being promoted from last year’s campaign. Played some really tough teams and quality players but our players have not missed the chance to give it their best and enjoyed themselves none the less playing in Redbridge, Essex.

Essex 7 – 4 Dorset Dorset 3 – 8 Middlesex 2 Hertfordshire 2 8 – 3 Dorset
Dorset 1 – 10 Oxford Dorset 6 – 5 Kent
Warwickshire 11 – 0 Dorset Dorset 1 – 10 Hampshire

8th out of 8 teams but will remain in Division 1 South for next season.

Well done to Patrick Adair, Mike Huxter, Kevin Wriggley, Matthew Howcroft, Ben Jarvis, Sophie Males, Jennifer Sargent, Alaina Morgan, Ali Donnelly & Sussanah Gennery.

2nd Team
Another hopeful season for the 2nd team as they push for promotion after narrowly missing out last year. Had some fantastic performances and some great matches helped by the strong team unity who prepared and trained well before each round of matches.

Dorset 8– 3 Dorset 3 Dorset 7 – 4 Gloucesthire 2 Devon 3 3 – 8 Dorset
Dorset 7 – 4 Somerset West Glamorgan 7 – 4 Dorset
Avon 4 7 – 4 Dorset Dorset 9 – 2 Cornwall 2
3rd out of 8 teams and promoted to Division 2 South!

Well done to Tom Ashford, Adam Dochniak, Mark Taylor, Andrew Lands, John Hepworth, Nicole Howcroft, Charlotte Murray, Nicky Hollamby, Naomi Bodman, Beulah Moody & Laura Farquhar.

3rd Team
After being promoted last year, I feel this has been one of our strongest 3rd teams in years. Competing against the same teams as our 2nd team, challenges lied ahead but some great results from our players.

Dorset 2 8– 3 Dorset Dorset 5 – 6 Gloucesthire 2 Devon 3 7 – 4 Dorset
Dorset 4 – 7 Somerset West Glamorgan 8 – 3 Dorset
Avon 4 8 – 3 Dorset Dorset 8 – 3 Cornwall 2

7th out of 8 teams and remain in Division 3 South West.

Well done to Andy Muir, Andrew Williams, Reuben Bodman, Adam Stewart, Zac Prentice, Tom Flechon, Rachael Collard, Gemma Curtis, Emily Desborough, Nicole Artajo & Daisy Parson.

5.d) Masters report – Brian Randall said getting players was still his priority, but a new group of Over 40’s had emerged to help.

5.e) Coaching and Development – No report

5.f) Badminton England representative – No report

5.g) Tournament Report

Total Profit 18/19 – £1534.80 Total profit 17/18 – £1546.09

Still having the occasional booking problems with LEAF in terms of finishing early, locking up procedures.

Many thanks to Andy Williams, Rachael Collard, Ali Donnelly, Carol Donnelly, Hetti Fox & Viv Lovery for their help on tournament days.

Next season looks more challenging in terms of regulation changes for tournaments but will look into running more profit tournaments.

5.i) Dorset League Report – Andy Williams stated he thought the season had gone well.

Winners were Div 1 DL Poole Div 2 DL Ringwood Div 3 JP Morgan

6. Election of President In the absence of a suitable nomination this was left in abeyance.

7. Election of Committee members

Chairman Brian Randall
Secretary Roy Carder
Treasurer Sarah Ellis
BE Rep Russell Clarke /Roy Carder
Senior and Junior Tournaments Tom Ashford
Senior Squad Manager Tom, Ashford
Junior Secretary Richard Owen
Rep for affiliated clubs Brian Randall
Junior Squad Manager U12 and U14 Richard Owen
U16 Ali Donnelly
U18 Tom Ashford
Masters Co-ordinator Brian Lockie
Parent Reps Andy Moore
Co-opted Carole Donnelly

Position unfilled are :-
Sponsorship Officer
Web and Coms Officer
Development and Schools Liaison

8. Approval of affiliation fees.
The BE fees per member will be £12 for a club player plus the Dorset levy of £5, and an extra £12 for those becoming a “compete” member.

9. Any other business None

10. Meeting closed at 9.30pm