The following is the specific DBA Code of Conduct for Dorset County Junior players which has to be signed by parents and players:


Microsoft Word - DBA code of ethics 2016.docx

The Dorset Badminton Association (CBA) adheres to the Badminton England policy on Equality and Diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or sexual orientation. Please see attached the Badminton England policy statement.


In addition the CBA and our coaches abide by specific Badminton England codes of conduct as below.




There is also a general Badminton England code for players, parents and carers as follows:




If you have specific concerns regarding safeguarding and child protection at any Dorset CBA events, or at any affiliated club within Dorset please raise your concerns with us. Most if not all affiliated clubs will have their own welfare officer/s that you can contact. If you are not sure who that is, please contact us and we will let you know who you need to speak to. If you are not happy talking to the club welfare officer please contact our County welfare officer (child protection officer), Margaret Blinman, who can be contacted on 07443 533297 or email her by clicking here

If necessary you can also contact the national safeguarding team at Badminton England on 01908 268430 / 07738 890309 (Emma Gibson) or email by Clicking here

Please note that if you have any Urgent concerns regarding a child (or adult with learning difficulties) who you think is in immediate danger you should contact the police in the first instance and then notify us afterwards.

 Please let Russell Clarke know if any of the above links cease to work properly on 01202-395404 or click Here to send an email (links can be broken if Badminton England update their website).