Brian Randall

Brian Randall

Chairman, Masters Co-ordinator, Affiliated Club Rep

Email:, Telephone: 07964 809516

Brian Randall has been on our committee for over 15 years, and is the backbone of the committee. He is a former County Champion and has represented Dorset since 1974. He still plays for us at Masters Over 65 level and is the team captain. He has co-ordinated all the Masters Teams for the last 7 years and his input at that level is enormous. He is also our link between clubs and ourselves, and as such by playing in club matches for the last 30 years maintains a valuable contact with players in the County.

He is a past Chairman of Round Table and 41 Club locally and has through these groups raised many thousands for charity. Also was a Justice of the Peace for many years.

Roy Carder

Roy Carder

General Secretary, Match & Fixtures Secretary, Affiliations Secretary, Badminton England Representative

Email:, Telephone: 07734 008006

Roy Carder unbelievably, has been on the Dorset Committee since 1974, holding virtually all posts starting with Secretary and Treasurer at that time. He is one of the most experienced voluntary administrators in the country, having also held posts with Dorset Tennis (a current Vice President), and was Manager of the West Hants Tennis Club for five years.

He saw through the amalgamation of Dorset Juniors and Seniors, started the Dorset League in its current format, achieved Lottery funding for the Poole Sports Centre, represented Dorset in the South West, and now nationally at Badminton England. He started Masters Badminton some 25 years ago in the region, and then developed it nationwide in 1997. The Master’s Championships and Challenge formats are both results of his work and continue to grow. He is currently Chairman of the Masters Policy Group, and sits on the Competition and Events Group at Badminton England HQ. He is also a Regional Badminton Referee.

On the playing field he played badminton for Dorset for 50 years, having won many singles and doubles titles between 1975 and 1983. He was also a County Tennis Doubles Champion.

Sarah Ellis

Sarah Ellis


Email:  Telephone: 07984 549100

Sarah has recently joined our comittee in 2019 with the challenge of keeping an eye on the finacial side of our activities. A player herself, she has played local league badminton for a number of years and has recently help form the Dorset O40 Masters team.

Running, spending time with her children and socialising with the girls makes up her leisure time.

Sarah has made a splendid start in her first year and hopes to continue re-organising Dorset Badminton finacial structure to ensure we keep an eye on the books going forward.

Richard Owen

Richard Owen

Junior Secretary, U14 Squad Manager & Junior Coach

Email:, Telephone: 07598 243979

After playing badminton at a social level for the past few years, Richard has been thrown into the world of badminton with little time to believe how it’s all gone so fast. He continues to help support his daughter Mia who has just started her badminton journey and is continuing to advance week after week.

While watching and coaching his daughter, Richard has happily given his support to manage the U14 squad. He is also a representative for parents and part of our coaching team.

Tom Ashford

Tom Ashford

Senior & Junior Head Coach, U18 Squad Manager & Tournament Secretary

Email:, Telephone: 07870 345073

After succeeding through the Dorset Junior Programme by representing the county at junior level, Tom now sits as a vital cog of the Dorset Badminton machine. He is in charge of the coaching and managing of our Junior and Senior Squads. He captains the 1st senior team which still gives him immense pride and pleasure as he is still passionate for competing.

Usually, if he’s not coaching on a weekend, he will be running tournaments which help us engage in extra activities to introduce more players to the game from the profits he brings in.

Bringing home the South West titles in both U16 & U18 age groups in his first year as head coach can only be a tough record to keep.

If any keen parents or players have any queries or questions, Tom usually has the answers.

Russell Clarke

Russell Clarke

BE Representative, Communications Officer

Email:, Telephone: 07780 449544

Every team needs an over enthusiastic member to keep things growing, Dorset Badminton’s member is Russell. Alongside working a full time job, Russell manages to continue running successful badminton club and still engage with Badminton England to provide us all with vital information that our national governing body is spreading. Thankless trips to meetings with Badminton England are one of the many things that Russell does to keep us in the loop.

Russel also engages in all sorts of fund raising activities with a most recent running of a tournament raising funds for defibrillators in local sports venues.

Mark Lever

Mark Lever

Junior Assistant Coach

Email:, Telephone: 07968 851774

For the last 30+ years, Mark has been a constant force for Dorset Badminton through his dedication to the sport and all those who have enjoyed it over the years. After recently stepping down as head coach, a position he has held for 30+ years, Mark is still involved within badminton on a day to day basis whether it be coaching on a Sunday morning, local schools and providing the players of today with all the equipment and tools they need.

Mark taking steps back from the game can only be considered to be an end of an era within Badminton in Dorset. He always has a fresh enthusiastic face which make players, young or old, feel welcome.

He continues to support players with his links to the retail sector by supplying our county kit, equipment and sponsorship through Yonex – A company he has had a 30+ year loyal association with.

Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams

Dorset League Manager & Web Officer

Email:, Telephone: 07505 480073

After playing at a completive level as a junior, Andrew has become a notable and welcoming face on the county and club scene.

While competing at a very high level in both Golf and badminton, Andy has recently volunteered to manage Dorset badmintons local league, a league which Andy has taken part and had several enjoyable moments over the years.

As a club and county player, Andy also gives us valuable knowledge and opinions that mirror most of our county teams which help us problem solve any upcoming issues throughout our badminton activities.

Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore

Parent Representative

Email:, Telephone: 07854 427656

Out of all of our parents reps, Andy has surely been given the fiercest baptism of fire. After playing at a social level as a young junior, he has maintained a strong enthusiasm for the sport while most recently helping and supporting his youngest son Jack reach the top of the rankings and becoming national champion in recent months, an achievement very few players reach. Amongst supporting a family of 6, Andy manages family time along with badminton in a very impressive way.

With several years ahead of him in terms of watching his sons badminton develop, he has valuable knowledge and advice for any parents and players that come knocking.