1. All players are to be affiliated to Badminton England. Failure to do so will in-cure points deductions and random checks will be made.

2. Teams consist of 2 ladies and 2 men. Both teams form two mixed pairs each. Each pair plays both of the opposing pairs. In total then for each fixture there are 4 mixed games, 1 ladies and 1 men’s. The game is played with feather shuttles and the rally point scoring system is used.

3. Any teams that pull out during the season will not be refunded any monies and all scores will be disregarded.

4. Games will start at 8.00pm SHARP with a maximum of 3 minutes knock-up and the last match must finish by 10pm The home team is to take responsibility to ensure the games start promptly.

4A. If it is decided the last game cannot be played due to running out of time 1 game is played to 21, and this game will score 2 points. If 2 games are played and time has run out the third game will be ignored. All final games must be under way by 9.40PM otherwise the single game rule will apply.

5. A player can play in a higher team on 2 occasions, after the third occasion that player cannot play for the lower team. A player can change to another Club if he/she has only played on 1 or 2 occasions for that Club. If the player has played on more occasions they will be required to miss 2 games on joining the new Club.

6. At the end of the season, the top Club goes up and the bottom Club goes down. If there is a tie the Club with the most away games goes up or the Club with the least number of away games goes down. In the interests of fair play, no team can refuse promotion or demotion.

7. Any team that wishes to rearrange a match will have to arrange a date with the opposition that is agreeable to both and the team that wants to re-arrange must incur the cost of additional court hire.

7a) Matches can only be re-arranged with the permission of the League Manager which would not normally be refused as long as the League doesn’t incur any additional cost.

7b) Additional matches/re-arranged matches can be organised to be played at Harewood College via the League Manager (or at a venue agreeable to both team captains) through email correspondence at the full price of court hire.

7c) Court cost would be determined by the League Manager.

8. Teams that cancel or fail to turn up will pay the opposition’s game fee and concede that match.

9. Scores are to be updated within SEVEN days of the game being played by the home side. Failure to do so will incur a five point penalty per match that is not updated for the offending team.

10. If a Club has 2 or more teams playing in the same division, the home and away games must be completed in the first 4 matches before and after Christmas.

11. Any complaints about the league, behaviour or events must be submitted to the League Manager. A response will be made within 7 days. Discretional penalties in terms of point fines may apply against the offending Team

12. If any player is found guilty of gross misconduct that player will not continue to play in the Dorset League.

13. The match sheet MUST have all names of all players who played the match.

14. Any team conceding a match will have 12 points removed from their ‘for’ score. As well as 4 points automatic deduction from their league position.

5 – To encourage existing new clubs to enter the league with help of more players.
10 – To allow teams to play mixture of fixtures in a non-congested fashion but to ensure fair play amongst other clubs.