Inter County Championship 2014-15 Leaderboard

Senior Teams

1st Team

Team Captain: Tom Dudley
Singles: Pat Adair,   Dan Clark
Ladies Singles: Lynnlette Aung,   Jenny Sargent
Mens Doubles: Ollie Baczala & Mike Huxter,   Liam Cordery & Jason P.
Ladies Doubles: Susannah Gennery & Laura Farquhar,
Mixed Doubles: 

2nd Team

Team Captain: Brian Lockie
Singles: Adam Dochniak,   Mark Taylor
Ladies Singles: Ellie Spawton,   Abbie Jolliffe
Mens Doubles: John Hepworth & Brian Lockie,   Adam Dochniak & Tom Ashford
Ladies Doubles:
Mixed Doubles:John Hepworth & Leslie Lockie,   Brian Lockie & &nbsp: Mark Taylor & Abbie Jolliffe

3rd Team

Team Captain: Matt Downes
Singles: Mike Higbee,   Ian Honeyman
Ladies Singles: Lydia Powell,
Mens Doubles: Matt Downes & Ian Honeyman,   Steve Tollerfield &
Ladies Doubles: 
Mixed Doubles: 


Team 1 Team 2 Team 3


Senior Tournaments

The following tournaments will be used in deciding the 2013/14 season Dorset Senior squad and team

County Trials

Sunday Sept 15th 2014

Anyone wishing to join the Senior squad is invited to attend the Senior trials. The trials will help determine Teams and partnerships for the 2013/14 season.

Dorset Badminton Trials 2013/14 

Dorset Restricted

Friday 27th Sept 2014

As we draw near to the season, the restricted is the first tournament the county will be hosting. It is part of the selection process for selecting players for each of the 3 teams.

Dorset Restricted Entry Form 2013-14 

Dorset Open

Saturday 26th Oct 2014

Not long after the Restricted tournament, we have the Dorset Open which is a tournament on the Badminton England Silver circuit. This is another tournament used to decide the teams for the 2013/14 season

Dorset Senior Silver Entry Form 2013-14